Departmental Bulletin Paper イオン注入 GaN MISFET の高性能化 に関する研究

菅又, 滉大

DC characteristics of ion implanted GaN MISFETs are described. Maximum drain current of 35 mA/mm, maximum transconductance of 4.5 mS/mm and threshold voltage -2.5 V for GaN MISFETson sapphire substrate were obtained. Threshold voltage as high as +9.0 V were attained for the device using a p-GaN layer grown on the high quality freestanding GaN substrates, but maximumtransconductance were lower than that of MISFETs on sapphire substrate. These excellent normally-off characteristics are brought by the low defect density GaN epitaxial layers and our optimized ionimplantation process which minimize the additional defect formation during the high temperature annealing procedure.Key Words : GaN, MISFET, Normally-off

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