Departmental Bulletin Paper 有機半導体ペンタセンを固体電解質として用いた リチウム 2 次電池の試作

堀田, 英継

Pentacene (PEN) is one of the emiconductors with high field-effect mobility in organic semiconductor. In this study, PEN is used as the electrolyte of the lithium secondary battery pentacene.A 100~400 nm thick pentacene is deposited on Au substrate (1 cm×1 cm) by the vacuum evaporation method. The pentacene thin films are evaluated by Raman spectroscopy. It is confirmed that the deposited films are pentacene. The lithium secondary battery of Li / pentacene / LiMn2O4/ Au structure is also fabricated. The charge-discharge property shows the behavior as a capacitor.Key Words : pentacene,lithium secondary battery

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