Departmental Bulletin Paper NiAl3粒子の酸化を利用した Ni 化合物分散 Al2O3基コンポジットの作製

山口, 隆史

NiAl3 was prepared by firing mixture of Ni and Al in the molar ratio of 1 to 3.35 under Ar-5%H2 gas, and wet planetary ball milling. For the wet-milled particles, yttria-stabilized zirconia was added as a sintering agent. The NiAl3 particles thus obtained were pressed into disk-shaped compacts and fired at 1000℃ for 3 h and 24 h in air to proceed oxidation and sintering. Dense microstructure was observed in the sintered composite obtained by firing the wet-milled NiAl3 at 1000℃ for 24 h. The electrical resistivity of the composite without YSZ addition decreased with sintering time, while that of the composite with YSZ was increased with sintering time.Key Words : Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Gas Seal, Oxidation-Sintering, NiAl3, NiAl2O4, YSZ

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