Departmental Bulletin Paper 固体高分子形燃料電池におけるスラリー特性が 発電性能に及ぼす影響

森山, 将平

The catalyst layer of the polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) is fabricated by drying a slurry containing of Pt-C particles and ionomer. The properties of PEFC strongly depend on the microstructure of the catalyst layer. In order to control its microstructure, it is very important to optimize the slurry preparation conditions, because the particle dispersion and flocculation state in the slurry should be determined the microstructure fabricated by coating and drying of the ratio of ethanol to water in slurry. Therefore, the effects of slurryproperties on the microstructure of PEFC electrode were discussed. The medium was changed to control the slurry properties. The flow curve and centrifugal sedimentation behavior were investigated. The adsorbed amount of ionomer to Pt-C particles was also measured. In addition, the fuel cell performance was measuredchanging the measuring condition. It was found that the adsorbed amount of ionomer drastically decreased with an increase in the ethanol ratio, resulting in well dispersion of Pt-C particles. It was also shown that the ionomer size was changed by the ratio of the ethanol to water in medium. This result indicates that theionomer network structure is well formed for the slurry with less or without ethanol.Key Words : slurry, ionomer, adsorption, microstructure, catalyst layer

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