Departmental Bulletin Paper 限外濾過膜におけるファウリングと 透過分子のスペクトラム解析

正木, 秀尚

Membrane fouling due to deposit of large solutes or particles is a big issue for membrane separation because it decreases the solute permeability of the membrane. In this study, fouling was reproduced and the solute permeability under fouling was evaluated. Furthermore, the influence of ultrasonic irradiation on de-fouling wasinvestigated. It was possible to mimic fouling by circulating a high concentration of albumin solution; moreover, it was proved that the degree of fouling varied depending on the chemical material of the membrane. However, irradiation with high energy ultrasound was not enough for preventing fouling.Key Words : fouling , ultrasonic irradiation , solute permeability

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