Departmental Bulletin Paper ポリメラミンフォームを用いた新しい人口鼻の開発

藤原, 隆志

The heat and moisture exchanger (HME) is a medical device used for patients who annot breathe voluntarily.Many HMEs consist of a bacterial filter that removes bacteria and dusts in the air and a piece of filter paper that aims for warming and humidification. In this study, development of HME in which the filter paper was replaced by commercially available polymelamine foam for improving the performance of warming and humidification was attempted, and performances of the HME were evaluated with a system based on ISO. Since polymelamine foam could contain more calcium chloride (CaCl2) than the filter paper, the performance was improved in terms of warming as well as the amount of lost water from the body that should be minimized. Because polymelamine foam is superior in maintaining temperature and humidity, the newly developed system may become a substitute as an HME next generation.Key Words : Heat and Moisture Exchanger(HME), Polymelamine foam, Warming

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