Departmental Bulletin Paper 外部発生させた水素ラジカル濃度評価と クロロシラン系原料の分解効果に関する研究

堤, 大耀

In order to enhance the decomposition of chlorosilane used commonly in Siemens process by which silicon is industrially produced, hydrogen radicals have been applied instead of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen radicals were generated by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and hot filament methods. The density was evaluated from the transparency of WO3 glass at 600 nm after exposing hydrogen radicals. The density of hydrogen radicals were6.6×1012 cm-3 at ~3 kPa. and 4×1012 cm-3at atmospheric pressure in ICP and hot filament methods, respectively. The effect of hydrogen radicals on the decomposition of chlorosilane was investigated usingquadruple mass spectroscopy.Key Words : Siemens process, Hydrogen radical, Inductively coupled plasma, Hot filament

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