Departmental Bulletin Paper MgO ドープオキシアパタイト型ランタン シリケートの高配向性焼結体のイオン伝導異方性

志村, 祐紀

582017-03-31 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Crystalline-oriented ceramics of MgO-doped lanthanum silicate oxyapatite (LSO) werefabricated by colloidal processing in strong magnetic field. The degree of crystal orientation was confirmed to be depending on the direction of the magnetic field. From the XRD patterns, easymagnetization directions of the MgO-doped LSO were revealed to be a, b-axes which were different from the case of non-doped-LSO. The highest total conductivity of the MgO-doped LSO was observed by the c-axis oriented sample.Key Words: solid state reaction, electrolyte, oxide-ion conductivity, crystal orientation

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