Departmental Bulletin Paper シリル基の活性化を指向した 新規アリールシラン類の合成と反応

清水, 智美

Hydrosilanes are very useful compounds in organosilicon chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry and widely used for hydrosilylation and dehydrogenative condensation with alcohols. Here we report our synthetic study of 5−7, in which a silyl group and a dimesitylboryl group are linked to each other through biphenyl,binaphthyl, and naphthalene skeleton. Treatment of 1-halo-8-(hydrosilyl)naphthalenes 15 with catalyticamount of I2 results in silyl migration to produce 1-halo-7-(hydrosilyl)naphthalenes 16.Key Words : biphenyl, binaphthyl, naphthalene, silyl migration

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