Departmental Bulletin Paper ポリカプロラクトンセグメントを含む ブロック共重合体の合成と生分解性評価

近藤, 雄大

A variety of AB and ABA block copolymers containing polycaprolactone (PCL) segment were synthesized by a combination of the living anionic polymerization of styrene, the ring-opening polymerization of ɛ-caprolactone, and the atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of styrene.The resulting block copolymers were characterized by 1H NMR and SEC to prove the chemical structures and molecular weights. Biodegradability properties of block copolymers were studied by using enzyme under ambient conditions. It was clearly indicated that the hydrophobic segment of the block copolymers, especially concentrated PS segment at the film surface, plays an important role forthe biodegradation.Key Words : biodegradable polymer, living anionic polymerization, ring-openingpolymerization, atom transfer radical polymerization, polycaprolactone.

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