Departmental Bulletin Paper 種々のスラリーにおける粒子集合状態及び 粘度の経時変化に関する研究

北川, 陸

The apparent viscosity of slurries is important information to handle them for many kinds of industry. However, the apparent viscosity sometimes changes as time is elapsed, resulting in the variation of the products’ qualityfabricated through slurry processes such as slip casting, tape casting, etc. Therefore, in this paper, two types ofalumina powder were used for slurry preparation and the time change of the apparent viscosities of the preparedslurry was compared. It was found that the apparent viscosity of the slurry prepared from the alumina containing a trace amount of sintering aid (Mg) increased with an increase in time after preparation, while the apparent viscosity hardly changed for the slurry of the alumina without intering aid. However, both the adsorbed amountof dispersant and the dissolved amount of sintering aid reached at maximum values in a relatively short time compared to the time needed for the apparent viscosity change of the slurry, suggesting that the other factor to cause the time change of the apparent viscosity should be considered.Key Words : time change,apparent viscosity,alumina

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