Departmental Bulletin Paper パーフルオロオクチルアゾベンゼン基を有する末端官能基化ポリマーの合成と表面構造解析

宇野, 翔太

End-functionalized polymers with a definite number of perflluorooctylazobenzene(AzoRf) groupswere precisely synthesized by the living anionic polymerization followed by quantitative transformation reactions. Surface characterization of the resulting polymer films were performed by a X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and a contact angle measurements of water and n-dodecane droplets. The XPSmeasurement showed the AzoRf groups were concentrated at the top of the film surface. The contact angle of n-dodecane droplet decreased by UV irradiation, and then the value increased by visible irradiation.These results suggested that the surface properties of the resulting polymer films were controlled with the cis-trans isomerization of AzoRf units induced by the alternating UV/vis irradiation.Key Words : Living anionic polymerization, End-functionalized polymer, Perfluorooctylazobenzene,Surface characterization, cis-trans isomerization

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