Departmental Bulletin Paper 腹腔鏡手術用鉗子マニピュレータのたえの把持力推定オブザーバの考案

室伏, 修平

In the previous research, robust reaction torque observer(RRTO) was proposed to estimate a grasping torque when the forceps manipulator grasped the object. However, previous RRTO needed an auxiliary motor to cancel overshoot of the estimated grasping torque, and often estimated an unnecessary grasping torque. In this study, by measuring the current value using ammeter and modifying the identification method of various torque losses, a new grasping force observer (GFO) is proposed to solve these problems. In order to construct GFO, three identification experiments were carried out, and three compensation functions, motor loss compensation function, weight variation compensation function, and drive parts compensation function, were derived. Thus, in GFO the grasping torque is estimated by subtracting these three functions from the estimated disturbancetorque by disturbance observer (DO). The proposed GFO was experimentally evaluated. From the experimental results, mass of weights from 14g to 104g was estimated within 5.5g error. In addition, in GFO response was improved and the overshoot was not observed even without using auxiliary motor. Therefore, the effectiveness of the proposed GFO was verified through experiments.Key Words : Estimation of grasping torque, Forceps manipulator, Grasping force observer (GFO)

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