Departmental Bulletin Paper 腹腔鏡下手術トレーニングシステムの開発:鉗子の手首回転操作に関する評価方法の提案と検証

村野, 海斗

Surgeons are required to implement sufficient training for performing laparoscopic surgery. The objective ofthis study is to develop a training system so that trainees can train surgical operation of ligation by themselveswithout any instructions by skilled surgeon. First, difference of the surgical skill between skilled surgeon andintern surgeons is investigated by watching surgeon's forceps operation. As a result, it turned out that the amountof rotation of the wrists by intern surgeons is not as large as that of skilled surgeon in wrapping procedure ofligation. Second, a system to evaluate effective forceps operation of the right and the left forceps is proposed forthe wrapping procedure in ligation, in which trainee's skill is evaluated on the basis of the amount of rotation ofthe skilled surgeon's wrists and the required time in the wrapping procedure performed by the skilled surgeon.In addition, an interface for representing the evaluation results to the trainee was also developed. Third, in orderto verify an effectiveness of the proposed evaluation method, experiments for investigating the distinction rateof the wrapping procedure performed by skilled surgeons and the wrapping procedure performed by intern surgeons were carried out. Finally, the sensor module that can be attached to the forceps was developed for angular measurement in the realistic surgical environment and was applied to in vivo experiments.Key Words : Laparoscopic surgery, Surgical training, Ligation, Wrapping procedure, Skill assessment, Linear discriminant analysis

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