Departmental Bulletin Paper Kinect を用いた腹腔鏡下手術用腹腔鏡ロボットの操作

村澤, 伊織

In this study, a control method of a robotic laparoscope by using the motion sensor, Kinect for Windows,is proposed so that the surgeon can operate the laparoscope by his/her head motions. In the control system of the robotic laparoscope, four kinds of head motion, namely up, down, left, and right, and opening and closing of a mouth are distinguished by Kinect sensor, and the tip of the robotic laparoscope is controlled so as to follow the head direction which the surgeon intended together with zooming in and out by foot pedal switching. For validation purpose, the proposed control system was applied to the robotic laparoscope with three degrees of freedom which was built for the surgical robot for single port surgery (SPS) developed in our previous study, and verification experiments were carried out. It was verified that the operator can control the tip of the robotic laparoscope intuitively and the tip position of the robotic laparoscope can track the targetposition accurately and quickly. In addition, comparison of maneuverability of the robotic laparoscope by joystick operation and Kinect operation was executed by skilled surgeon, and superiority of the proposed control system using the Kinect was verified.Key Words : laparoscopic surgery, robotic laparoscope, position tracking control, Kinect for Windows

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