Departmental Bulletin Paper がたを有する 2 自由度ばね-質量系の強制振動解析

野田, 昂輝

This paper deals with forced collision vibration in a mass-spring system for two-degree-of-freedom. The analytical model is mass-damper-spring system having two masses in which one mass is subjected to an exciting vibration with arbitrary functions. Then the restoring force, which has characteristics of an asymmetric piecewise-linear system, collides elastically to another mass when amplitude of the mass increases farther thanclearance. In order to analyze resulting vibration and colliding force, the Fourier series method is applied and analytical solutions for this system are derived. Next, following the analytical solutions, numerical calculations are performed. Effects of amplitude ratio of excitation, nonlinearity of the system and mass ratio on the resonance curve and colliding force are shown numerically. For verification of the analytical solutions,numerical simulations are performed by the Runge-Kutta method, and numerical results based on analytical solutions are compared with numerical simulation results. As a result, the analytical solutions are in a fairy good agreement with the numerical simulation results.Key Words : Coliision vibration, Colliding force, Nonlinear vibration, Forced vibration, Theoretical analysis, Damping

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