Departmental Bulletin Paper 小型ガスエンジンの排気特性に及ぼす 混合気性状の影響について

戸田, 拓也

After the Great East Japan earthquake, trend of improvement of energy self-sufficiency rate has been accept in various fields. Especially, the introduction of cogeneration system is remarkable, since it exists from largemodel to small model, gas engine will be used widely in the future. Furthermore, the gas fuel has great diversitythan that of fossil resource, and it has great reserve production ratio. There are Shale gas revolution in U.S., andopening of Northern Sea Route in summer, for example. In addition, the infrastructure has been already built inJapan by existence of urban gas piping and domestic LP gas. Environmental influence of gas fuel is superior to gasoline and diesel.Therefore, focusing on gas engine, this study has been investigated the influence of the equivalence ratio of air-fuel mixtures and dilution mixtures on exhaust characteristics for small gas engine. The equivalence ratio of air-fuel mixtures were set from 0.7 to 1.0, nitrogen and carbon dioxide were used for dilution gas.The main results are as follows; 1) It is can be possible to reduce the HC emission by using propane and butane fuel under high throttle valve opening for small gas engine. 2) The HC emission increases irrespective of fuel properties with equivalence ratio of air-fuel mixture less than 0.8 for small gas engine. 3) The NOXemission decreases by dilution in air-fuel mixture, and the influence is remarkable by using the carbon dioxide.Key Words : Gas engine, equivalence ratio, combustion characteristics, dilution, emissions

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