Departmental Bulletin Paper 一括面露光型3Dプリンタにおける光硬化性樹脂の染料添加による硬化特性への影響

土屋, 高志

In DLP projection type 3D printer that forms light curing resin at the same time by the light of a projector, it is generally preferable to add dyes or pigments to the photocurable resin used for the molding material to improve the molding precision. However, appropriate parameters for resin and light curing are not established.In this study, various modeling tests were carried out using a commercially available DLP projection type 3D printer, and the influence on the curing characteristics by adding a dye was evaluated contrasting with the theory of curing by rate-limiting of polymerization reaction.Key Words : 3Dprinter, photocurable, resin, dye, DLP projection, curing characteristics

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