Departmental Bulletin Paper 介護用自動排泄処理装置のカップの改良について

芹田, 洋

The automatic excretion processor can automatically detect the excretions and dispose them. However, ithas several problems such as causing bedsore, and they make it difficult to use the automatic excretionprocessor for those who need excretion care. The purpose of this study is to improve the parts of the automaticexcretion processor called a cup, which is used as the toilet bowl attached to a crotch, to solve these problems.The cup is divided into three portions in this study. Then, modification was made for each portion by creatinga 3D CAD model using the SolidWorks. The prototype of the improved cup was built, and two evaluationexperiments were executed using the improved cup and the previous cup for comparison. In the firstexperiment, the cup was attached to the subject and the loads added to the cup surface were measured whenthe subject lay down on the mattress. In the second experiment, transfer distance of the position of the cup wasmeasured after the subject rolled over and returned to the original posture on the mattress. Experimental resultsshowed that the magnitude of the surface load of the improved cup and the transfer distance of the improvedcup were decreased compared with those of the previous cup. Therefore, from the results of the evaluationexperiments, the effectiveness of the improved cup was verified.Key Words: Automatic excretion processor, cup, SolidWorks, 3D CAD model

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