Departmental Bulletin Paper 多成分アルコール混合燃料を用いた小型ディーゼル機関の燃焼特性

下川, 舟

In the late years, environmental problems and oil depletion have become more serious, so it is now necessarily to reduce the environmental pollutant on an international scale and the dependence on fuels of the origin of petroleum. With such a trend, bio alcohol fuel has been expected as substitution of petroleum fuels. Being that it is produced by plants, it has become sustainable fuel. Based on diversification of fuels, the demands of diesel engine can be expected to expand from now on, because of adopting compression ignition system.This experiment has been carried out to examine the combustion characteristics for small diesel engine by using the ethanol and butanol (1-butanol, 2-butanol and iso-butanol) for bio alcohol fuel. Furthermore, DGM and DMC are used for a comparison experiment with bio alcohol fuel.The main results are as follows; 1) CO emissions increase by using low ignitability butanol under the low engine load. 2) NOx emissions by using low ignitability fuels decrease than that of light oil under all engine loads. 3) NOx and PM emissions decrease than that of light oil with increasing mixed rate, and CO emissions are almost same value at any alcohol mixed fuels. 4) The effects of the fuel ignitability are different among the each engine loads.

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