Departmental Bulletin Paper 法政大学トレーニングセンターにおけるアスレティックトレーナー業務 : 法政大学におけるアスレティックトレーナー活動 7

泉, 重樹  ,  藤村, 直樹  ,  佐藤, 洋平

The management methods of the athletic facilities at Hosei University’s Tama and Koganei campuses have changed since April 2016. The system now allows trainers, including the OB/OG of Hosei University’s Faculty of Sports and Health studies to work at the facilities. The trainers handle safety management as well as provide training guidance. Future issues include ensuring that everyone completely understands the rules of the athletic facilities and that the rules are obeyed. Further collaboration by everyone involved with the athletic facilities is necessary.

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