Departmental Bulletin Paper 原発事故被災からの回復のための政策課題
The Policy Problems for Recovering from Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Damages

長谷部, 俊治

7pp.77 - 101 , 2017-03-15 , 法政大学サステイナビリティ研究所
英文:Six years passed after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, the victims and the disaster area are recovering from damaged situation. The recovering is not to get back but to restore usual situation. The victims will take any courses which are made up steps to establish safety, to recall and mourn of the disaster, and to re-combine with usual life by one another. The disaster area will be re-formed by victims’ processes of re-connecting with land. The policy to support these processes must differ form emergency measures to control disaster. But the present policies against the disaster disagree with recovering processes because of theirs following characters. a) Continuing emergency measures in the recovering stage, b) Promoting to re-form of the disaster area by simple economic development projects, c) Much leaning on the efficient goal attainment technique. It is necessary to change the policies into giving support the inner origin recovering processes. It is important public sectors take responsibility for good welfare and sound environment on giving support. I propose the following devices.1) To promote public welfare support works for victims as customary doing 2) To establish the community re-form funds for self-direction recoveries 3) To promote the ecosystem recovering project and balancing between economic benefit and ecological soundness 4) To reorganize the cost burden relationship between the disaster causer and public sectors, and to aid solving problems of recovering from the nuclear disaster damages

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