Departmental Bulletin Paper 市民参加における市民ファシリテーターの役割と効果 : 静岡県牧之原市を事例として

上山, 肇  ,  原口, 佐知子

9pp.127 - 133 , 2017-03-31 , 法政大学地域研究センター
研究の概要(英文):This is a case study on the role and effect of citizen facilitator on citizen's participation inMakinohara City of Shizuoka Prefecture. We did a questionnaire survey for participants in a workshop and investigated hearing in MakinoharaCity. The findings are followings: 1) Resident'sargument becomes active, and the voice is directly connected with a policy. 2) Administrative mechanism and a system are improved by resident's voice, and it's possible to become efficient. 3) Administrative burdens reduce by resident activity's being activated. 4) Participation consciousness to resident's community building is uplifted by citizen facilitator's entering. 5) It's necessary to make the organization which can advance community building and a system with a resident. 6) There is a problem as participation in the young generation and succession of community building activity. 7) It's necessary to make person's network and to reinforce a community, etc.

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