Departmental Bulletin Paper 自治体政策は社会環境の変化に対応しているか : 公共施設等総合管理計画と人口ビジョン・総合戦略いう2つの計画を事例として
Are the Policies of Local Government Responding to the Changes in the Social Environment? : Cases from the Two Plans, "Comprehensive Management of Public Facilities, etc", and "Population Vision & Comprehensive Strategy"

田中, 富雄

9pp.95 - 108 , 2017-03-31 , 法政大学地域研究センター
研究の概要(英文):The Changes in Social Environment Cannot be Bealt with Sufficiently by the Contents of the Two Plans, "Comprehensive Management of Public Facilities,etc", and "Population Vision & Comprehensive Strategy", the Plans whose Development has been Advanced in Recent Yearsby Many Local Governments, as Requested by the Central Government. In Order to Enable the Policies of the Local Government to Respond tothe Changes in the Social Environment in the Future, it is Necessary to have the Measures thatare Linked to what has been Acquired Over Timeby Policy Formation Ability, such as the Attemptsmade by Regional Studies.

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