Departmental Bulletin Paper 体力および健康に対する主観的評価がスポーツ実施行動に与える影響

杉本, 龍勇

The purpose of this study is to understand influence of evaluation of self-physical fitness and health upon motive for regular sport participation of university students. Some characteristics were identified form factor analysis. One is that, influence of subjective evaluation on self-physical fitness and health depend on frequency of sport participation per week. Subjective evaluation on self-physical fitness influences motive for sports participation once a week. As the evaluation on self-physical fitness increases, students participate regularly in sports once a week. And Subjective evaluation on self-health has positive influence upon motive for sports participation 3times a week. As evaluation on self-health increases, students participate regularly in sports 3times a week. Other is that, it motivates to participate regularly in sports, to perceive importance of sport participation in life. As sports participation takes top priority in life, the frequency of sports participation increase.

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