Departmental Bulletin Paper 音による新しい情報伝達手法の研究 : 調波関係を利用した音の埋め込み

坂本, 海

Transmission of information by sound is very effective in daily life. In this research a new information transfer method transmitting by embedding signals in sound and receiving information on portable terminals has been studied. Communication by radio waves is not suitable to transmit simultaneously to a plurality of objects in a certain range. Ultrasonic waves in inaudible range are traditionally used to transmit the information. However, the ultrasonic wave has several problems such as perceptual difference due to age, discomfort accompanying rise in sound pressure, restriction of usable equipment. In this paper, we have proposed and developed a new comfortable information transfer method by using the perceptual characteristics of the auditory sense related to the harmonic relationship to the sound of the audible range. In addition, the embedded application has been programed by the commercial software and the effectiveness of the proposed method has been experimentally verified.

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