Departmental Bulletin Paper 数値解析を用いた鋼コンクリート合成床版頭付きスタッドの損傷分析

星名, 浩人

The purpose of this study is to clarify the shear capacity of headed stud and the fatigue damage process of the steel-concrete composite deck. First, the relationships between the load of vertical direction and the shear capacity of a headed stud, was examined using numerical data calculated with the prototype model simulating a part of particular composite slab. Next, a bridge model which consists of two main girders with length of 20m and Robinson-type composite deck was built up in order to clarify damage process of the steel-concrete composite deck the by static analysis. Then, the progress of local stress of targeted studwas demonstrated under the repetition of moving load. This suggested that the stress state of stud and failure mode under the moving load possibly different from those obtained from static analysis.

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