Departmental Bulletin Paper 石岡市の現状と中心市街地の土地利用変化に関する研究

越渡, 倭真

The local city of our country formed the city structure that assumed a city area from before of the station square or the downtown a nucleus until the 1960s. However, the sphere of life of people spread out by the new commerce form called a shopping center brought in from the West, promotion of the motorization in the suburbs. As for the suburbanization, the drop of the function of the central city area, an attenuation of the area community by a sphere of life having spread as well as the decline, infrastructure, the expense increase of the community service become the problem in the local city where a population decline, low birthrate and aging are remarkable. The appropriate placement of residence population and the city function will become the important problem from such present conditions in future. This study assumes Ishioka-shi, Ibaraki the target ground and investigates the land use change of the central city area. I grasp the present situation from findings and am intended that I get the future need of the central city area and knowledge on being activated.

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