Departmental Bulletin Paper 周縁のつむぎ : 斜面林から始める郊外住宅地の再考

前波, 可菜子

I am interested in the relationship between time and architecture. It is the time since the building was built, how it will be changed to the person who uses it, and how it will be affected by the surrounding environment and building correspondence. Since the modernization, the modernism = newness was demanded, the design of the architecture that the value went down as the old became the greatest value at the new time has come to be done. Inorganic materials such as glass and concrete have been widely used from organic materials. At the same time, although it became possible to create a free form, technology developed,the Japanese climate is hot in the summer and the cold space in the winter is seen more often by the value biased towards economic rationality ing.

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