Departmental Bulletin Paper 光架橋基を含む末端イオン結合性パーフルオロアルキル化ポリマーの合成と表面構造解析

若林, 佑弥

Well-defined polystyrene end-functionalized with both photo-cross-linking group and amino moiety was prepared by a living anionic polymerization and quantitative end-functionalization. The resulting polymer was applied for the ionic bond formation of the amino-end-functional groups with C_8 F_17 COOH. The ionic bond formed amino groups were lead to top of the film surface by surface concentration behavior of C_8 F_17 groups. Then, UV-irradiation allowed to photodimerize the photo-cross-linking groups in order to fix these functional groups at top of the films, and then C_8 F_17 groups were removed by a treatment with methanol to obtain amino-concentrated film surface. Key Words: Perfluoroalkyl groups, photo-cross-linkable groups, End-functionalized polymer, Ionic bond formation, Surface characterization

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