Departmental Bulletin Paper 浸透圧測定による水系・非水系ナノ粒子スラリーの 分散凝集状態評価

村松, 卓也

The particles dispersion and flocculation state was evaluated by using the osmotic pressure measurement of nanoparticles slurries. The osmotic pressure of various slurries containing aqueous and non-aqueous slurries was measured. The relationship between the osmotic pressure and other slurry properties, such as mean particle size measured by DLS and the slurry viscosity was discussed. It was found that the osmotic pressure decreased as the particles in the slurry formed floccs for almost all the slurries. It was also shown that the osmotic pressures of aqueous slurries became larger than those of non-aqueous slurries because the apparent particle size including the electrical double layer formed around the particle should be larger for aqueous slurries. Key Words : osmotic pressure, nano-particle slurry, dispersion and flocculation state

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