Departmental Bulletin Paper 高磁場配向プロセスによるTi ドープヘマタイト配向焼結体の作製と評価

藤田, 俊二

Textured Ti-doped hematite (α-Fe_2O_3) ceramics were fabricated by sintering Ti-doped goethite(α-FeOOH) green compacts, which were prepared by magnetic field-assisted colloidal processing. Ti-doped goethite particles were synthesized by alkaline co-precipitation from the mixed aqueous solution of ferric nitrate and titanium sulfate. Intensity of magnetic field and sintering temperature as well as crystallinity of goethite particles were crucial for preparing highly oriented Ti-doped hematite ceramics. Key Words : hematite, goethite, topotaxy, magnetic field-assisted colloidal process.

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