Departmental Bulletin Paper 基板バイアスを印加したRF スパッタリング法による ZnO 薄膜作製とその評価

角田, 啓

Crystalline polarity in wurtzite-type oxide semiconductors is of crucial importance in terms of physical and chemical properties for future optoelectronic applications. Indeed, many of the optical and electronic properties of zinc oxide(ZnO) vary with the crystalline polarity. Thus, it is important to establish how to fabricate and to characterize the polarity-controlled ZnO materials. In this study, it is revealed that external electric bias (V sub ) applied to substrates is effective to the control of the polarity. In addition, polarity and electronic properties of ZnO thin films is determined in V sub of the nucleation stage . Key Words : ZnO, Thin film, Polarity, Sputtering

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