Departmental Bulletin Paper 多面的嫉妬尺度の作成とデートバイオレンス・ハラスメントとの関連 : 改訂版デートバイオレンス・ハラスメント尺度の作成と分析(4)

越智, 啓太  ,  喜入, 暁  ,  甲斐, 恵利奈

74pp.119 - 127 , 2017-03-30 , 法政大学文学部
In this study, possibility of increasing date violence / harassment to who get jealous of another, when two are in a love relationship to each other, was examined. Multi-dimensionalromantic jealous scale was developed on 600 participants who were in a romantic relationshipwith opposite sex. This scale is consist of two factors, which were jealous cognition and jealousemotion. After investigating features of these factors, correlation analysis between Multidimensional romantic jealous scale and date violence / harassment scale was performed. In theresult, it was found that jealous cognition increased partner's date violence.

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