Departmental Bulletin Paper 子どもの発達に関する知識が育児ストレスに及ぼす影響
Influences of Knowledge Regarding Child Development on Parenting Stress

渡辺, 弥生  ,  大川, 真知子

74pp.81 - 93 , 2017-03-30 , 法政大学文学部
The purpose of this research was to investigate how much knowledge parents raising children had about child development as a factor to relieve stress in child rearing. At the same time, we examined if having such knowledge had an effect on child rearing stress. We distributed surveys to 294 mothers who visited health centers for infant health screenings and analyzed the results from 104 respondents (valid response rate of 78.7%). As a result of this analysis, it was evident from the range of average scores that there are few child rearing parents with a correct knowledge of child development. It was also true that mothers believed that children could develop at a greatly quicker pace than was true especially regarding socialization including relationships with peers. After seeing if the amount of knowledge affected child rearing stress,we found that mothers with a moderate amount of knowledge had the most stress in child rearing. From these results, we cannot simply say that an increased knowledge of child development will lead to relief in child rearing stress, and further concrete studies are necessary to determine the content and amount of knowledge that has an effect.

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