Article 〈史料紹介〉 江戸日本橋商人の記録 : 〈にんべん〉 伊勢屋伊兵衛幸道・伊七の 『日記序』 について(一)

天野, 圭悟  ,  井上, 拓巳  ,  寺内, 健太郎  ,  真板, 道夫  ,  道上, 和洋  ,  南, 隆哲  ,  安田, 寛子  ,  筑後, 則  ,  澤登, 寛聡

74pp.1 - 19 , 2017-03-30 , 法政大学文学部
This is are cord of the Edo Nihonbashi merchant. The name of the record is "Nikki-Jo" 〈 日記序〉 . The persons who recorded "Nikki-Jo" are the 3rd successor ISEYA Ihei Yukimichi and the 4th successor ISEYA Ihei Ishichi. They were the dried bonito merchant who lived in the days of Edo in the latter period. The operation trend of ISEYA and Day-to-day records of ISEYA Iheifamily and their employees are written in "Nikki-Jo". We did reprint apart of "Nikki-Jo" from 1714〈 正徳4年〉 to 1735 〈享保20年 〉 this time.

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