Departmental Bulletin Paper CIP 法を用いた半無限地盤モデルにおける動的解析: 2 次元 P・SV 波面内問題-

松下, 周平  ,  中村, 圭佑  ,  吉田, 長行

私たちはCIP法(Constrained Interpolation Profile Scheme)を用いた新しい境界処理法の確立を目指す.その境界処理法の基礎研究としてCIP法を用いた2次元面内問題波動伝播解析を行い,CIP法の特性を把握する.
Nonlinear dynamic behavior for the ground has been studied actively. In the nonlinear problem, The finite element method (FEM) is known as an effective and flexible method. However, this method cannot simulate the infinite ground model since it is the analysis for the finite region. Therefore, we need to make a virtual boundary on a proper position. We call it the non-reflective boundary processing. Generally, the viscous boundary is used for this processing. But, this method cannot realize the non-reflection on the virtual boundary perfectly. The CIP method is to calculate the advection equation with high precision. The CIP method is used in various fields, but almost not used in the problem of the ground. In this paper, we suggest a new boundary processing using the CIP method by decomposing the equation of motion into the advection equation.Keywords : Elastic wave, CIP, In-plane wave, Open boundary, non-reflection

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