Departmental Bulletin Paper Discrete Limit Analysis for Framed Structures by using Hybrid-type Penalty Method

Yamaguchi, Kiyomichi  ,  Takeuchi, Norio

In this study, bar elements for the hybrid-type penalty method (HPM) are developed. In this method for calculating the displacement field, it is assumed that an independent linear displacement field for the axial direction and an independent third-order displacement field for the bending of each element are combined. This model has six degrees of freedom: strain, gradient of strain, and the rigid-body displacement of the center of gravity of the elements. The continuity conditions of displacement are incorporated by using a penalty function. The elastic solution obtained with this method is consistent with the exact solution. The incremental loading method is used in the proposed discrete limit analysis. Because this method generates each plastic hinge sequentially, the progress of destruction can be followed. Accurate collapse loads and modes were obtained using numerical analysis.Keywords : hybrid-type penalty method; displacement field; bar elements; limit analysis; framed structures

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