Departmental Bulletin Paper マイクロピペットを用いた人工脂質膜小胞内への物質移入技術の開発

吉田, 慎

Lipids are known to form liposomes by self-assemble in water solutions. Liposomes can encapsulate materials in their inside and have been used as a cell membrane model and a carrier of drugs. Although, materials could be encapsulated at the time of making liposomes, it was difficult to put materials into already making liposomes. To develop the novel methods for introducing materials into liposomes with micropipettes, I explored the manufacturing methods of liposomes and the undercoat of liposomal membranes. I have successfully put the membrane-non-permeable fluorescent substance into gelatin-undercoated liposomes. This developed method would be contributed to make the artificial cell and to evolve the drug delivery system. Key Words : introducing materials, micropipettes, undercoat, liposome

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