Departmental Bulletin Paper 直流電場を利用した粒子凝集技術の開発

江良, 勇亮

The novel flocculation technique of particles in slurries has been developed by using D.C. electric field. In this paper the effect of particle type on the flocculation efficiency was discussed. Particles with different permittivity was dispersed in water and then D.C. electric field applied to the prepared slurries. The particle concentration in upper part of the test container after applying D.C. electric field was determined by measuring the turbidity of the sampled solution. It was shown that the flocculation efficiency did not have a good connection to the particle's permittivity. It was also found that the flocculation efficiency of the slurries consisting of relatively hydrophilic particles became larger, compared to the slurries consisting of hydrophobic particles. Key words : slurry, flocculation, D.C. electric field

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