Departmental Bulletin Paper 透析膜の滅菌法および物理化学的構造が溶質の透過特性に及ぼす影響

赤阪, 郁弥

In this study, four different dialyzers with the same polysulfone (PS) membrane sterilized with autoclave (AC), γ-ray using ether no additives (γ^–) or an additive (γ^+), and no sterilization (NS) were investigated for solute transport performance. Pores of the membrane may have been enlarged by steam of the high temperature and pressure in the AC and shrunk by crosslinking the second component polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in PS in the γ – sterilization. In addition, four other dialyzers which have different hysicochemical structures were evaluated in terms of solute transport from the inside to the outside and its opposite. As for the two kinds cof ellulose triacetate (CTA) membranes were compared under the same conditions, and there found a great difference in solute transport. .Key Words : sterilization, γ-ray , autoclave, membrane structure

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