Departmental Bulletin Paper ソフトウェア開発プロジェクトの工期と成功可否の関係の研究

桑原, 希尽

In recent years, by information-oriented society, many companies proceed with projects that introduce information systems into their management activities. Under these circumstances, from the viewpoint of the IT venders and solution providers, it is possible that the specification changes occur in such software development projects. Therefore if we can judge success or failure of such a software project, the success degree of the project will be improved. In this study, we try to develop the two judgment techniques of success or failure of the software development project based on the term of works. Moreover, taking into consideration of the information of the specification change, we construct the models by multiple regression analysis and linear discriminant analysis. We investigate the effectiveness of the judgment technique by hitting ratio. Key Words : specification change, success or failure, term of works, linear discriminant analysis, hitting ratio

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