Departmental Bulletin Paper 東京都江東区タワーマンション地域の高齢化について

坂本, 憲昭

84 ( 1 )  , pp.37 - 63 , 2016-09-27 , 法政大学経済学部学会
This paper examines the opinion that the future of the high-rise apartment is the same as the history of the housing complex. As a result of having checked the age change of the local residents in each area with many housing complex, the large-scale apartments or the high-rise apartments, it is found that the ratio of people over 65 years old of the high-rise apartments in the early period is increasing. To continue the movement of inhabitants based on the process of the housing complex, the practice of the next factors are necessary. [Internal factor] Keep high asset value of high-rise apartments by the large-scale repair and renovation work. [External factor] Support measure to the families.

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