Research Paper 微粒子沈降濃縮層による浸透圧発生現象の解明と海水淡水化技術への応用

森, 隆昌

pp.1 - 4 , 2015-05
研究成果の概要 (和文) : 微粒子沈降濃縮層の浸透圧は粒子個数濃度に依存して増加するが,その値は小さく,正浸透のドロー溶液として利用するためには,高分子溶液や無機塩の溶液のように分子個数濃度が劇的に大きいものを組み合わせる必要があると考えられた.そこで,刺激応答性高分子であるPNIPAM(温度応答性)とアルミナ微粒子を混合した刺激応答性スラリーを調製し,ドロー溶液としての可能性を検証した.その結果,加温による粒子分散・凝集状態の変化を利用して,吸水・分離を繰り返し行うことに成功し,再利用可能な新たなドロー溶液の候補に成り得ることを示す事ができた.
研究成果の概要 (英文) : It was found that the osmotic pressure of the concentrated layer formed by particle settling and thickening increased with an increase in particle concentration, however, the osmotic pressure was quite small as a draw solution of FO process. It was suggested that the combination of a polymer solution or inorganic salt solution which can produce a relatively large osmotic pressure due to its large number concentration of molecules should be necessary. Therefore, the alumina slurries containing a temperature responsive polymer, PNIPAM were prepared and investigated its potential as a novel draw solution. It was demonstrated that suction and separation of water could be easily and repeatedly done by changing the temperature of the stimulus responsive slurry.

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