Research Paper コンクリート細孔に存在する凝縮水の圧力変動と移動による構造物動的応答の変化

藤山, 知加子

pp.1 - 6 , 2015-05
研究成果の概要(和文):研究は載荷速度の異なる一軸圧縮試験及び四点曲げ試験およびRC梁の高速載荷実験を行った.その結果,低W/Cほどひずみ速度効果による圧縮強度,横弾性係数の増加が現れた.一方,RC供試体の四点曲げ試験では,準高速載荷において湿潤状態のRC供試体の引張強度の増加が示された.以上より,微小細孔内における正の水圧及び微細ひび割れ内の負の水圧が含水コンクリートのひずみ速度効果を発現させる要因の一つであることを示唆した.研究成果の概要(英文):This study investigates the influence of condensed water in concrete on the fracture mechanism of a concrete structure. The focus of this study is water pressure in concrete pores under loading with a high strain rate. First, uniaxial compression tests of saturated cylinder specimens containing various types of micro pore structures were conducted with different strain rates. The saturated concretes, especially those of low water-cement ratios, increased compression strength with increasing strain rate. Second, bending tests of rectangular beam specimens with and without rebar were conducted with different strain rates. As the strain rate increased, plain concretes and reinforced concretes showed an increase in tensile strength. These results suggest that dynamic responses of concrete structures are influenced by the strain rate dependency of material that is correlated with water content and micro pore structure.

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