Research Paper プレパラートがタイプ標本である場合における劣化標本の危急的救済と分類学的課題解決

島野, 智之

pp.1 - 4 , 2015-06
研究成果の概要 (和文) : 本研究はプレパラート標本がタイプ標本となっているササラダニ亜目という分類群について,分類学的措置を考えるモデルとして管理手法の検討も合わせて進めてきた.タイプ標本を整理しデータベース化した,次に,トポタイプなどでこれを補いDNA抽出が将来的に可能な状態での管理体制を確立した.このため,日本全国から土壌試料を再採集した.また,日本記録種を再検討し,日本産ササラダニ約750種について土壌生息性を中心にリビジョンとして出版した.平易な図による検索表を付けて,誰にでも種まで,たどり着ける様にした.トポタイプ以外にも,新種記載を開始した.合わせて,DNA塩基配列データの蓄積を複数の遺伝子座で行った.
研究成果の概要 (英文) : This study has been advanced also to the study of management practices as a model to consider the taxonomic measures. The suborder Oribatida, preparations specimens are deposited as the type specimen, however, some of preparations specimen is degraded. First of all, we made a database to organize the collection. Then, we supplemented the collection with topotype. Finally, we have established a management system arranged for DNA extraction as possible future application. For providing topotype, soil samples were re-collected from all over Japan. The recorded species from Japan was re-studied, and our revision was published included about 750oribatid species from the soil habitat. The revision has pictorial keys for beginners. Based on these new oribatid specimens, we started describing new species. Furthermore, we accumulated about a hundred DNA sequence data of multiple loci included COI for DNA barcode.

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