Research Paper パーフルオロアルキル基の自己組織化による環境応答性ポリマーフィルムの創製

杉山, 賢次

pp.1 - 5 , 2015-06
研究成果の概要(和文):光反応性基とアミノ基を同時に有する種々の末端官能基化ポリマーを合成し,その鎖末端アミノ基とC8F17COOHとのイオン結合を形成した.C8F17基の表面濃度挙動によって,ポリマーフィルム最表面にはイオン結合性アミノ基が濃縮した.その後,UV照射による光反応性基の光二量化反応を引き起こすことで,フィルム表面にこれらの官能基を固定した.最後に,メタノール処理によりC8F17基を定量的に除去することで,アミノ基が濃縮したフィルム表面を形成した.光反応性基としてクマリン基を用いた場合,その可逆的な光二量化と開裂反応を利用することで,表面における分子運動性制御の可能性を見出した.研究成果の概要(英文):A variety of end-functionalized polymer with both photo-reactive groups and amino groups was prepared. The resulting polymers were applied for an ionic bond formation of the amino-end-functional group with C8F17COOH in order to lead such amino groups to the top of polymer film surface by the surface concentration behavior of C8F17 group. Then, UV-irradiation allowed to photodimerize the photo-reactive group and to fix these functional groups at the film surface. Finally, C8F17 groups were quantitatively removed by a treatment with methanol, resulting in the amino-concentrated film surface formation. In the case that cinnamoyl group was used as a photo-reactive group, the surface enriched components were immobilized by photodimerization of cinnamoyl groups. Moreover, when coumarin group was used as a photo-reactive group, control of the mobility of film surface was achieved by reversible photodimerization of coumarin group at a different UV wavelength.

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