Research Paper 水俣病闘争を事例とした社会運動ユニオニズムの歴史的研究

鈴木, 玲

pp.1 - 4 , 2015-05
研究成果の概要 (和文) : 新日本窒素労働組合の元組合員の聞き取りおよび熊本学園大学水俣学研究センター所蔵のアーカイブズ調査に基づき、1960年代~70年代初めのチッソの労使関係および新日窒労組と水俣病患者団体・患者支援社会運動団体との連携関係について調査した。62~63年の安定賃金闘争以降の労使対立が、組合と社会運動との連携を促進したこと、組合と社会運動の連携関係は個人のネットワークに基づいていたことが明らかとなった。調査の結果は、学会発表や論文刊行で公表した。
研究成果の概要 (英文) : This research, based on interviews of former union leaders of Shin Nihon Chioss Union (the SNU) and on archival research of materials owned by the Open Research Center for Minamata Studies, examined industrial relations at Chisso and alliances between the SNU and social movements of Minamata disease patients and their supporters in the 1960s and in the early 1970s. The research showed that contentious industrial relations since the labor dispute in 1962-63 contributed to the coalition formation between the SNU and social movement organizations, and that union-social movmenemt coalitions were based on personal networks of activists. The finidings of the research were made public by presentations at academic conferences and published articles.

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