Thesis or Dissertation 音響解析と官能評価によるシンバルの音質向上に関する研究

中西, 俊貴

pp.1 - 94 , 2016-03-24
Many researches on sound quality improvement have been conducted in various musical instruments focusing on human audibility. However, current researches indicate that ultra-high-frequency over 20 kHz called human audibility limit affects sound quality. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to clarify the effect of various elements that contribute to the sound quality of cymbal by experiments including over human audibility range. Further, the effect of changes in the exciting force is given to sound pressure is investigated by the numerical simulation. In addition, Sound quality evaluation of each cymbal is conducted in using sensory evaluation. As a result, Recordingb experiments clarify the differences in frequency characteristics with the cymbal components. Furthermore, the simulation results are found to correspond with the experimental ones. Moreover, sensory evaluation reveals that effects of sound pressure level difference are given to audience.

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