Thesis or Dissertation 力覚フィードバック機能を有する単孔式腹腔鏡下手術支援用ロボット“HASROSS”の操作性の評価

大岩, 克耀

pp.1 - 67 , 2016-03-24
In this study, the maneuverability of a haptic surgical robot for single-port surgery (SPS), termed HASROSS, developed in our laboratory is evaluated. The kinematics of the surgical robot was analyzed and a position control method on the basis of inverse kinematics was proposed to control the surgical robot intuitively. The surgical robot operates under master–slave control implemented by the haptic interface Omega 7 and a force feedback is provided to the operator. We assigned five tasks to the surgical robot and compared its performance against manual operation using commercially available forceps. The first task is block transfer in which the robot grips and moves the block. The robot also performs the Task1 Peg transfer. The second task is a ligating operation using a surgical suture, and the third task is a peeling of grape. The fourth and fifth tasks are contact detection of a soft tennis ball and obstacle avoidance, respectively. These tasks are experimentally performed in manual and robot operations. The maneuverability of the surgical robot is evaluated by comparing these results. The results verified the effectiveness of the HASROSS.

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